Sunday , May 26 2019

Mouse in zero gravity behave strangely. Video

The crew of the International Space Station is constantly studying the reaction of plants and animals in weightlessness. Previously, NASA researchers had already assessed the viability of laboratory mice under conditions of no gravity, but now they talked about a more profound experiment, which focused on monitoring their behavior and …

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Zhirinovsky wants to cancel results of elections in Ukraine

The party leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has urged the Kremlin not to recognize the results of elections in Ukraine. Policy confused by the behavior of the President of Ukraine. After all, during the election campaign Vladimir Zelensky gave a completely different promises, and now deviates from the intended course. …

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China has sentenced the American gas industry

From June 1, China will raise the import duty on American liquefied natural gas from ten to 25 percent, according to the Committee on customs tariffs of the state Council of the PRC. Why it could spell disaster for the gas industry in the USA and that will benefit Russia …

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