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Astronomers called the origin of the heavy elements in the Solar system

Астрономы назвали источник появления тяжелых элементов Солнечной системыThe content is explained by the merging of neutron stars.

Filling the Solar system with heavy elements astronomers are not explained by a supernova explosion, and the catastrophic merger of pairs of neutron stars.

At the dawn of the Universe which comprised only hydrogen and helium; most of the rest of the atoms were born in the thermonuclear reactions that took place inside stars. However, the formation of nuclei heavier than iron requires more extreme conditions, and they appear at events such as supernova explosions, merging of neutron stars and black holes. The lion’s share supernova: on average every century in the milky Way there are three such outbreaks, whereas the cataclysmic merger of neutron stars can not happen more than once in several million years.

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It is assumed that the gas and dust cloud that formed the Solar system was rich in heavy elements after a near supernova explosion. However, an article published in the journal Nature, puts this hypothesis into question.

Imre Bartos (Bartos Imre) of the University of Florida and Sabolch Mark (Szabolcs Marka) at Columbia University have shown that the content in the Solar system of some heavy elements indicates that the cradle it was the cloud created by the merger of neutron stars.

The authors analyzed the composition of asteroids, the “garbage” left over from the birth of the Solar system. Unlike the planets that have passed since then through significant changes, asteroids retained the ancient substance practically in a primordial form. In this case, scientists were interested in the content of the curium-247 and plutonium-244, which may indicate the nature of the process that created them – a relatively long supernova explosion or a much more rapid and cataclysmic merger of neutron stars.

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Of course, almost all of these short-lived nuclei in the asteroid long since disintegrated, but their traces in minerals can be detected by counting and initial content of substances. And indeed, the work pointed to the merger of neutron stars that occurred approximately 80 million years before the appearance of the Sun and about 1,000 light-years, making about 70% of the curium and 40% plutonium in the Solar system.

Such a process would lead to the formation of a black hole surrounded by a cloud of material rich in heavy elements up to the actinides, including curium, and plutonium. Perhaps part of this substance, carried out explosive processes, and has developed as a result in the protoplanetary cloud, and then in our space house.

Астрономы назвали источник появления тяжелых элементов Солнечной системы

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