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Called the danger of “whitening” toothpastes

Названа опасность "отбеливающих" зубных паст All of these statements were considered unproven.

British scientists have found that “whitening” effect of toothpaste with charcoal has no scientific evidence. But the potential harm from the use of such pastes is not in doubt.

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In the British medical journal British Dental Journal published research materials 50 products with a content of charcoal in the U.S. in 2017. The producers said that coal provides “antibacterial”, “antifungal” and “whitening” effect, and “reduces tooth decay”.

However, too frequent use of such toothpaste can cause wear of the enamel, increase tooth sensitivity and cause inflammation of the gums due to a higher abrasively than regular toothpaste.

For the selection of bleaching agents for the teeth, the authors urge patients to speak directly to the attending doctors, and not rely on the promises of advertising.

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