Sunday , June 16 2019
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State. enterprises of Belarus pulled to the bottom

The recovery of the Belarusian economy is slowing due to low productivity growth and deteriorating external conditions, according to the latest Economic survey by the world Bank for Belarus. The projected medium-term growth remain low, below 2% due to the combination of structural rigidity of the Belarusian economy and stagnation …

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Proletarian news from 06.06.2019 G.:

Proletarian news from 06.06.2019 G.: The issue: 1. Debt 2. For profit 3. The hearse 4. Protection rank 5. Invented The PLOT №1 The Palace of culture all-Russian society for the blind, located near Gorky Park in Perm, may be closed. The reason — problems with the utilities. The …

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Belarusian innovation – myth or reality?

Belarusian innovation, as in the whole Belarusian economy, found its own, distinct from the way. And every day it becomes increasingly clear that this path is a dead end. Last Friday the state control Committee announced the results of innovative development of Mogilev region. As it turned out, over the …

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The world’s first intelligent price tags created in Novosibirsk

Students of Novosibirsk state technical University created the “smart tags” that automatically change product prices depending on demand, stock and other indicators of pricing. The University noted that the program allows for deep Analytics to track consumer behavior and is able to replace the marketing departments of a small network …

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