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Funny news from around the world, a Fresh humorous selection we offer to read funny news!

Formal positive: a fresh batch of jokes

No day without a smile. Let your evening will be filled with positive energy. 75% of drivers are constantly talking or arguing with your Navigator. Off the Internet for ten minutes: I saw that the autumn had studied the rooms in the apartment, met his parents, learned that I have …

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Ukrainian cartoonist made fun of Putin-hockey player

New work by Andrei Petrenko. Ukrainian cartoonist Andrei Petrenko ridiculed in his caricature of a game of Russian President Vladimir hockey, which was held on may 10 at the ice Palace in Sochi (Russia). The corresponding caricature he published on his page in Facebook. The caricature Putin is depicted with …

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The life of a young family in funny comics

Happy parent routine. Moscow artist and mother of three children, known in Instagram under the alias @mamashalol, draws funny comics about a happy parent day to day life. Yes, sometimes heavy, difficult, and requires itself, after a long vacation, but still happy.

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Putin-hockey player made fun of new cartoon

New work of Sergey Elkina. Well-known Russian artist Sergei Yolkin funny new cartoon, which depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin on skates and deadly with a hockey stick in his hands. The picture he posted to Facebook. “He scored seven goals in the gate… And another three goals hit the headquarters …

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Sad cat from China became a star Network

He already has thousands of fans. Instagram-c photos of a cat named Ah FEI from the Chinese province of Jiangsu is gaining popularity on the Internet. Photos of your pet in the social network publishes the Tang Chang. The page @tang9599 already more than 30 thousand subscribers. According to the …

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The Network has ridiculed Putin’s youth sneakers

“White Slippers” in the Network is not appreciated. Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly changed his style, taking off the official suit and appearing in public in jeans and white sneakers. The corresponding images were published on the Telegram-channel Pool N3. (To see dockrillia the news until the end). The new …

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The Network has made fun of Putin kissing an elderly woman

In the social networks is not appreciated. Russian President Vladimir Putin once again was embarrassed in public. This time he disgraced himself during the so-called “victory Parade”, which took place in Moscow on the occasion of may 9. About this in his personal microblogging said the propagandist Dmitry Smirnov. “Reception …

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Network laugh Koala, emits funny sounds

Not all know how “sound” these animals. Many viewers watched this video, filmed in the zoo of Ohio (USA), admitted that he will never be able to look at the koalas as cute and pretty. The sounds that we hear, suggest the thought of belching, pigs, boars, donkeys hoarse, and …

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