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Russia made the first international call in 5G networks

On the territory of Russia was tested technology, which will soon become available everywhere. He was made the first country in the history of video call in mobile networks of the fifth generation, though international, and the experiment went very well. Tested Nokia, Rostelecom and MegaFon, and everything was built …

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He published the first Russian supercomputer Elbrus-8S

Corporation rostec announced the first in Russia and in the world a supercomputer on the Russian processor Elbrus. Of course, with foreign counterparts from the rating ТОР500 he never compares, but something he still does. The names of superpc yet, but there is a performance at 7 teraflops double-precision, which …

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Released in Russia smart bracelet Huawei Band 3

Huawei announced in Russia a relatively new smart bracelet Band 3, the one with a color touch screen AMOLED. Fashionable gadget arrived in our country in the black and coral colors straps (main body only black), and the start of sales is scheduled for may 21 this year. Screen Huawei …

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In Russia completely denominational messengers

In Russia came into force the Ordinance on obligatory identification of all users without exception, all the messengers, acting on the territory of our country. This means that each user will now be verified by phone number.   If the data specified in the profile messenger, will not coincide with …

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Yandex.The station will be released in new versions

Smart column Yandex.Station with Russian voice assistant Alice on Board went for more than a year ago, and while in the lineup with Yandex alternatives it does not. But soon this will change – it will be just two new speakers.   However, in their originality, there are some doubts, …

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In Russia earned a dual SIM iPhone

The Apple iPhone from e-SIM is fully working now in Russia. Operator Tele2 has launched support for the eSIM, making it before the Big three. Just note that in Russia the use of electronic SIM cards is not regulated by legislation, appropriate amendments will be made only at the end …

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Стоечный сервер Huawei – уникальное оборудование с улучшенными характеристиками

Компания Huawei с каждым годом выпускает уникальные разработки в сфере серверного оборудования. Недавно на рынке появилась уникальная модель Huawei 2488 v5, которая с точки зрения производительности, усовершенствовалась на 36% в отличие от других устройств. Поэтому множество средних и крупных организаций не упустили возможности заполучить эффективный инструмент для виртуализации, и облачных …

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Russia announced a gaming notebook Acer Predator Triton 500

Russian gamers the proposed new gaming notebook Acer Predator Triton 500 Intel the penultimate generation with a screen refresh rate 144 Hz. Mobile PC has a relatively compact size and very powerful discrete graphics card and high price which is not affordable for everyone. New Acer Predator Triton 500 appreciated …

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