Sunday , June 16 2019
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Putin: Russia-US relations degraded

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said relations with the United States. He said that relations have become worse every day, they degrade. The Russian President noted that the United States is not tired to develop and adopt new sanctions against Russia. However, the Russian leader expressed hope that sooner or later, …

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Is nothing sacred to these people

The more people and the victims – the better for them. Specially choose the dates and the places where the most people. Nobody otherwise they will not hear and will not notice. When is the rally in a time of great celebration – once it is clear that the aim …

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Need people or holders of passports?

In Russia, no one wants to admit frankly weak results of the migration policy of the state, experts say. The Russian Federation needs migrants, but we still repressive legislation in this area. However, the demographic situation in the country is such that migration won’t help her. The Kremlin is taking …

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Isn’t it time to give the security forces the economy?

If the Colonel of the Ministry of interior had amassed nine billion, and Colonel of the FSB twelve, it is impossible to imagine to what heights would raise the welfare of the generals. How to bring Russia’s economic growth? The government is looking for incentives, and the decision on the …

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“All Russia is a vast province, and its capital”

Imperial ambitions are an invention of the elite, which tries to justify their dominance over the fate of the country “Rosbalt” back to started in an interview with the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov discussion of why the “Imperial vector of development” Petersburg is again today …

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