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Interesting facts about LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary

LCD kvartal alley Brovary otzyvy search of a modern comfortable housing investors turn to the study of various building portals and sites. To choose the best apartment, you need to consider following important points: • the class of accommodation (economy, comfort, business) – it depends on the level of amenities …

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In Lviv for the first time demolished 7-storey squatter

Deconstruction of a seven-story building on the street Lychakivska, 259 lasted more than a month. In Lviv for the first time dismantled a multi-storey house, built with violations, the press service of the Lviv city Council. Deconstruction of a seven-story building on the street Lychakivska, 259 lasted more than a …

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In Ukraine can complicate the rules of renting apartments

In particular, can prohibit the surrender of the apartment. In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a bill that significantly toughens rules of rental of premises, in particular forbids to hand over the apartments. The relevant document, initiated by the head of the faction “BPP” Arthur Gerasimov, was published on …

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Gosstat recorded moderate growth of housing prices

Prices increased on both the primary and the secondary market. According to the statistical Agency, for the year one-room apartments have risen in price in the primary market by 4.3 %, the secondary 7.7%, two-room apartment in the primary market by 4.8% on the secondary is 11.9%, three-room apartments on …

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How to register property by inheritance

What documents are required to obtain real estate in an inheritance. Until 2018 to get the inheritance it was possible, but not later than 6 months after the death of the testator. Now you can do it later within 6 months from the moment the heir found out about his …

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Квартиры в Праге: выгодное инвестирование в зарубежное жилье

В последнее время все больше наших соотечественников стремится выехать за рубеж или инвестировать деньги в жилой фонд других стран. Россияне предпочитают приобретать квартиры в Праге — столице Чехии. Комфортная атмосфера проживания, благоприятные условия для совершения сделки и стабильность рынка жилья формируют высокий спрос на недвижимость в Чехии. Преимущества инвестирования в …

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