Sunday , June 16 2019
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Little Chemodanovka reared, sprosiv the whole of Russia

Criminal case about murder of the inhabitant of the village Chemodanovka, Penza region transferred to the Main investigation Department of the RF IC. This decision was made by the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin. As reported TFR spokesman Svetlana Petrenko, this is done in order to make the most complete, …

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Minors and used

To play and use the minors – seems to be a common tactic for those who want to profit. Only here for some reason about the actual victims, no one thinks. Used and forgotten. Many teenagers have more brains do not, in order to adequately assess the situation and not …

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Here you can drink and die

Anyone who has been in St. Petersburg, knows that in our city there are the Hermitage, Peter and Paul fortress, the Marin theater, Mikhail Boyarsky, but on the opposite from this side is the hot and wild Duma street. Its name has become a household word, but what it means …

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Bulk was upset that he was released

Odious blogger Alexei Navalny uses his favorite tactic. He is attending unsanctioned rallies, and then it turns out the detainees. Amazing coincidence? Unlikely. Bulk acts on the thumb scenario. His arrest attracted the attention of Western media, which allows the opposition to stay afloat. And yesterday would-be blogger was detained. …

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If haapiti, full

In humans, no different mental abilities, there is the perennial obstacle to self-development, which consists in love to procrastinate some topic from time to time, banishing her in my head, inventing different options, creating yourself while in the brain some already distant picture very different from reality. Then it turns …

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Will not find it!

The delay in the transformation of social relations can lead to a “revolution” journalists, doctors, teachers, cooks and waiters… After the events related to the detention of Ivan Golunova, it became easier to understand who and how to successfully resist police brutality. The question posed by R. Florida, the famous …

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For drug trafficking Golunov should answer on all severity of the law

Yesterday the correspondent of “Medusa”, opposition leader Ivan Golunov was detained by law enforcement agencies. In the framework of the special operation division, narcotics Golunova “took” that is called with polichnym. During the inspection he found narcotic substance methylephedrine. When a journalist was about four grams. But during the search …

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The excuse of a loser

Search other people’s failures and errors (often imaginary) sick society diligently suppresses have the least motivation to be better and something in themselves to overcome. One of the unpleasant features of the current Russian society — a passion to aggressive self-justification (it is highly encouraged by the propaganda on the …

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Demographics getting worse

In the I quarter of 2019, the natural decrease of the population, i.e. the excess of deaths (461,9 thousand) over births (of 355.2 thousand), amounted to 106.7 thousand people. This is substantially more compared to the same period last year: -87,3 thousand people, that is, the already bad demographic situation …

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