Sunday , June 16 2019
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Dana international performed at the Eurovision song contest. Video

In 1998 Dana international won the contest. Israeli singer Dana international made in the first semifinal of the international song contest “Eurovision-2019” in tel Aviv. The famous singer-shemale came on stage of the Eurovision song contest as a guest star. In 1998, Dana international represented Israel in international competition in …

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In Kiev introduced a replacement for the Kalashnikov. Video

Instead of Kalashnikovs of the Ukrainian police armed with German submachine gun MP-5. In Kiev on Wednesday, may 15, introduced new weapons for the National police, the press service of the Ministry. Now, instead of Kalashnikovs police armed with German submachine gun MP-5. According to the head of national police …

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Near Kiev collapsed crane. Video

The reasons of falling of the crane at this time is unknown. In the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka the Kiev area on a building site collapsed crane. This was reported in the community of Kyiv Operational, posted a video of an eyewitness from the scene. It can be seen lying …

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The first trailer of “Beverly hills 90210”. Video

In the series tell about the same characters 30 years later. The Fox has presented the first teaser of the continuation of the popular series “Beverly hills 90210”. The first youth TV series “Beverly hills, 90210” (Beverly Hills, 90210) appeared on television in 1990 and since that time conquering the …

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Sergey Mikhalok has presented a new clip. Video

The hero of a new story in the “Koala” has become man, born in the second half of the twentieth century. Belarusian singer Sergey Mikhalok, who’s better known for the famous group Brutto, presented a new work and a clip to it. Composition under the name “Koala” was the fourth …

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In Zaporozhye driver kicked a woman. Video

The woman hit the car of his neighbor because of wrong Parking. In Zaporizhia between a man and a woman got into a conflict on the street, which turned into a hard fight. A relevant video posted on Youtube an eyewitness. According to him, the incident occurred may 11 in …

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