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Doctors called best products for hair

Медики назвали лучшие продукты для волосThe desired result is to can not each beautiful.

Undoubtedly, one of the symbols of female beauty and the male weakness are beautiful and thick hair. Many use for the health of their hair a variety of masks, balms, use a variety of herbal teas.

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The reason lies in the insufficient intake of some products, which provide our hair strength, Shine and beauty.

Firstly, it is necessary to remember about the sunflower seeds. They help to protect cells from hair follicles from free radicals, detrimental effect on the cells. Numerous studies have shown that the best assistant in this struggle is the vitamin E contained in sunflower seeds. To fill your body with this vitamin, enough to eat in a day, 60 grams of sunflower seeds.

The second factor influencing the health and growth of hair is iron. Held in Korea, the experiment showed that people who ate foods containing iron, hair was stronger and thicker in comparison with the control group. A sufficient amount of iron contains goose liver. When used 58 grams, you will provide the daily requirement of this element.

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Another reason why the hair does not grow, and fall is the blockage of blood vessels leading to poor circulation. When blockage of blood vessels that nourish hair follicles, a person comes baldness. To prevent the development of atherosclerosis helps Flaxseed which contains omega fatty acids. Information about the benefits of Flaxseed are confirmed by scientific research which was attended by 120 women who did not suffer from any pathology. The women who took omega fatty acids to 86.1% from reduced hair loss. Their density has increased by 87,3% and a diameter at 86,1%.

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