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Experts tell should you buy the first strawberries

Эксперты рассказали, стоит ли покупать первую клубникуHow to choose safe berries

Despite the fact that the court only mid-may, the markets and fruit stalls are full already fragrant, bright and eye-catching strawberries.

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Prices are just space, but missed the fresh berries, the citizens gladly part with money just to feel the taste of summer. But, alas, the first strawberry is not only dangerous to the wallet…

False and inflated prices

Strawberries in the markets of the country quite a lot. According to experts, the entire range is now grown in greenhouses, hence the inflated price, but in the near future will begin to emerge and ground fruit.

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Doctors and experts of sanitary-epidemiological laboratories recommend to refrain or at least not to get carried away eating strawberries. Natural berry taste and aroma is pleasant, and benefit from them more, besides, the prices are three times lower.

As told by the agronomist Dmitry GRES, this year predicted a good crop of berries, in season because the cost of strawberries will be lower than last year. Now we can follow the trend that the most affordable berries in the South of Ukraine, even the first of the strawberries they sold on average 40-50 hryvnia, after a week the price has fallen. In the capital prices differ depending on the point of sale. Online supermarket offers berries for 280 UAH per kilo, on Bessarabka you can find them for 150 -170 UAH, and in small markets (like Liberty Avenue) – to horse-trade on that to 100.

The first ones are quite different

The first berries are not amenable to long-term storage, because their sellers have to make tweaks in order not to lose their income, but for buyers, this can result in serious poisoning.

“First berries features a more delicate texture, because the manufacturers go for various tricks to keep them marketable. Otherwise, the first transport or even the suction in the container, the berries turn into a kind of puree.

In addition, at the stage of growing manufacturers who want to market their product one of the first in order to obtain higher profit. It is understood that early berries, not to mention first parties, can’t be grown only on natural substances. But there is nothing to worry, if the manufacturer does not exceed the dose and complies with all security measures. But alas, it is not always the case. Often unscrupulous entrepreneurs used large doses of nitrogen and other fertilizers to the berries ripen faster and weighed more. This is due to the moisture, because these berries are more watery than normal. That’s just the taste is affected by the fatal,” – said the agronomist Dmitry GRES.

If you wait of the season and strawberries are incredibly desirable, it should, at least, to buy berries on authorized markets or in supermarkets. There the berries are at least some checking, added the expert.

How to choose

First choose the berries that are products of high risk, is very carefully, in any case to miss in a hurry the first. First of all, look to berries was strong and not wrinkled, and the bottom of the tray or drawer in which they lay, were out of juice ‘ strawberry loses its vitamins and taste. Moreover, it suggests that the berries lot of excess moisture. But not carp beyond measure – there are traces of SAP still needs to stay, but just a few drops.

“Beautiful, bright fruit, as the selection is always a sign of forgery. Natural, organically grown berries and fruits are always a different size, even if growing on a Bush. Big and beautiful doesn’t mean delicious, and with strawberries it’s often the opposite. Do not take berries, which cover the dark spots is a sign of spraying with chemical substances,” – said the expert.

A very good indicator of the quality of strawberry – flavor. Natural berries he is strong and heady, and the “artificial” is a very weak and absolutely “delicious”. Because it is not necessary to hesitate before purchasing a sniff of the tray with the berries.

If you try the strawberry taste seem “metal”, is to abandon its use – these berries are crammed with harmful substances and can be very negative impact on health.

A symptom of exceeding the permissible limits of nitrates in strawberries may be her unnaturally bright red or too dark shade. And don’t believe the sellers that “this is a new sort”.

Ponytail strawberries should be plump and green, and dry and withered leaf should be alert and to keep from buying the berries. If the tail berry has a yellow or green color – so she “helped” to Mature faster and therefore the safety of such berries a big question.

Strawberries, however, as all the early berries, vegetables, fruits and herbs, before use you need an hour to soak in cold water, then drain again and rinse the berries under running water.

Even if all the diversity of the berries you have chosen the most natural and fresh, do not just get involved in their absorption. To get started is limited to a small handful, especially for children. If adult body may not react to a hazardous substance, then the kids may be enough, and one berry for a strong poisoning!

Do not forget that all the red berries – a strong allergen, and therefore give their children to be very careful, just a few berries, watching the reaction of the body.

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