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Glad Zelensky’s lying, he’s lying to the people

Рада врёт Зеленскому, а он в ответ врёт народу

The scandal with the inauguration Zelensky reached its climax. Speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy promised to announce the date of inauguration on may 14. Now this decision is postponed on tomorrow. Parubiy said that the inauguration is not a priority. They say that the Parliament has better things to do. Zelensky, of course, outraged unrestrained promise.

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Delaying the inauguration of the Parliament has an interest. Zelensky insisted that the transfer of authority took place on may 19. In this case, he will have the right to dissolve Parliament. It is obvious that the government feared for their mandates. In addition, many of the seats occupied by supporters of Poroshenko. And he is trying to stay in office as long as possible.

But somehow Zelensky not confuse the fact of their own lies to the people. Even before he could take office, he says the opposite to his promises. During the election campaign, the newly elected President of Ukraine promised to peacefully resolve the conflict in the Donbass. Now Zelensky openly declares that he will continue to bend the line of Poroshenko, namely to continue military actions against “aggressor country” to the bitter end.

In light of these developments it is not surprising that a member of Parliament, Vadim Rabinovich did not see Zelensky “Savior of Ukraine.” According to him, the newly minted leader absent “reasonable decision” to withdraw from the crisis in Ukraine. Rabinovich also said that Ukraine can not help, the inauguration and fulfillment of the promises previously announced by Zelensky.

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