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Groisman told how he managed to lose weight. Video

Гройсман рассказал, как ему удалось похудеть. ВидеоThe Prime Minister advises to pull myself together.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman for the first time in detail told, how he had so much to lose weight. He had to give up some foods, however, diet he doesn’t consider it.

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So, the Prime Minister said that he refused the bread and the beloved potato.

“I have no nutritionists. I did not use any medical things. I just took myself in hand. I am totally against diets. I think that if you go on a diet, then you go with her. If you go with her, then you again begin to gain weight. You have to determine acceptable diet, which you missed and which would be sufficient to bring the weight back to normal. This is the first position,” said Grossman.

Second position, the Prime Minister called exercise.

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“People should move, to feel normal… you Need to limit yourself to food: I don’t eat bread, don’t eat potatoes. I love potatoes, but I do not eat it, I made this decision. I don’t want to talk about nutritionists… But it’s the unique cases when a person adheres to what is recommended by the dietitian. So take itself in hands”, – said the Prime Minister.

Also Groysman, answering a reporter’s question, said that can raise the bar 75 kg chest press.

According to journalists, Groisman over the last year and a half lost 20 pounds.

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