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How is the day of the British Queen. Photo

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. ФотоShe still leads an active lifestyle.

The Queen of England, if you believe the media, only one day a year – Christmas. All other days are the same and differ only in the number of scheduled events. However, sometimes there are free weekdays, which are not assigned to any meeting.

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We tried to reconstruct the work of the Royal day from early morning until late at night.


The Queen usually wakes up around 8:30, and at exactly 9:00 her personal Secretary prepares the famous red briefcase, which contains the reports of the secret service and various government documents.

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Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

At the same time under Windows a special man playing tunes on the bagpipes. The post Piper appeared in the early XX century under Queen Victoria.

Meanwhile, the husband of Queen finishes her Breakfast and Her Majesty prefers to eat alone.

Find out what is the Breakfast of Elizabeth II, not so simple. Cooks and servants do not communicate with the press, although sometimes some of the dismissed employees interviewed. For example, the former Royal chef told reporters that the morning meal at Buckingham Palace is almost indistinguishable from Breakfast ordinary citizens of the UK:

corn flakes
a handful of dried fruit
toast with jam
boiled egg
tea with milk
During Breakfast, the Queen reads the Newspapers, in which the important place is already emphasized by the Secretary. It is well known that the Royal family is kind to their images in the press. This is partly due to ancient ideas about the ideal monarch: every member of the family in the photos in the newspaper or magazine needs to look perfect. Otherwise, to the editorial office will soon reach the Royal displeasure.

But Elizabeth II is not alien to irony and she humorously refers to caricatures of itself, if done efficiently.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

After Breakfast, the Queen inspects the contents of the red briefcase, and then accepted for writing letters. This is done with an ink pen on special paper. The Queen thanked each person, which she was able to attend the reception, as well as heads of state whose countries she visited on the occasion of official events.

In addition, the Palace bring a huge amount of letters from ordinary citizens. Moreover, the addressees are different: the British, the Americans and even the Russians. To answer them also is considered a Royal duty.

Of course, messages are myriad, and Elizabeth is the Second one fails. Helps her specially trained lady-in-waiting.

If the day is relatively free, the Queen walking her beloved corgis. Sometimes she prepare them a meal – a rabbit or chicken meat with additives.

It is worth saying that most of those dogs with the Welsh Corgi in the yard already gone. In 2018 died the last representative. The remaining dogs are called dorgu: they are mestizo Corgi and Dachshund.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото


A favorite pastime of the Queen – horse riding, which she refuses and in old age. When this Royal lady never wears a riding helmet, but prefers him with a silk handkerchief. Furthermore, it is known that every day she reads the newspaper Racing Post, which is dedicated to the breeders of horses.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

The Queen likes to drive a car, but driving goes only for their estates on green Jaguar. Interestingly, and here Elizabeth the Second has it’s own style – she’s never fastened.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

If given free time, the Queen can sit on the beach with a spinning rod in his hands. Passion, obviously, passed on from her mother, who was an avid fisherman. This hobby is shared monarch’s husband, Prince Philip. But the horses, the husband of the Queen is skeptical.

Among the famous royals of Hobbies and gardening. Elizabeth the Second with his own hands grow beets, beans, variety “purple Queen” and the leeks. It is believed that through her example she is trying to instill in the British passion for growing organic vegetables and fruits.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

By 16:00 the whole family drinks tea with sandwiches and biscuits. If you believe the cook, Elizabeth II loves sponge cakes with fruit or chocolate filling. She refuses and ginger or honey.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

Constant paraphernalia of the tea ceremony are the “jam pennies”: sandwiches are the size of a coin made from the pulp of bread and stuffed with jam of raspberries.

Usually they drink tea in a tent only important person. This is another tradition: the Queen is very polite with others, but keeps aloof. This is evidenced by the fact that Elizabeth II not once during his reign did not give reporters an interview.

About 18 hours, right before dinner, she takes a bath. It’s an old habit of monarchs of England. Morning bath is also accepted, but the water cooler, to liven up the evening – warm.

The evening

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

Every good dinner preceded by an aperitif. Her Majesty chooses gin and Dubonnet, and her husband prefers beer. The tastes of your family members are different, but one thing in common: none of them favor the champagne. Although the manor in Windsor they opened their own production of sparkling wine.

Dinner is usually served with dishes made of wild game or fish that have been caught in the territory of the estates. Exotic food Queen is chill.

Как проходит день королевы Великобритании. Фото

By the way, there is one mythical story is about the meal of the Queen. Elizabeth the Second sent to the kitchen, a slice of lemon, which is over dinner no one ate, with the request to use it in some other dish. This is not a hoarding Queen grew up in a time of war and knows what hunger is. So she doesn’t like when products are discarded.

The evening usually ends with formal methods, they start around 19:30 and last until night. If no event is provided, then the Queen can spend the rest of time watching TV. She goes to bed around midnight, to gain strength for the next day, which again is similar to the previous one.

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