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In California a drunk driver “flew” in the house, there are victims

В Калифорнии пьяный водитель «влетел» в дом, есть жертвыSleeping in the house the family was killed.

A drunk driver drove into a house in Central California “high speed”, killing a family that slept in their beds.

Police say he is 33-year-old driver Ismael, Juaso-Hardiness received minor injuries. Now he is accused in three cases of manslaughter by vehicle. During the tragedy killed the mother, father and 10-year-old boy, their son.

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The patrol reported that Hueso-Hardines not slowed down on the turn, and his car brand Chevy Avalanche crashed into a house, described as a trailer, about 10 PM.

In the report police stated that the family was described as “very hardworking”.

“If you combine alcohol and speed is a recipe for disaster,” said David Hernandez, a spokesman for the California highway Patrol.

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