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In Kiev counted as illegal advertising was removed in April

В Киеве подсчитали, сколько незаконной рекламы убрали в апрелеAds continue to take the streets of Kiev.

In April, the Kyiv city Council actively fought against the hype in the capital. In the past month in the city dismantled 1161 illegal advertising media, among which 720 units removed by their owners. At the moment the rules of outdoor advertising is based on five principles: safety, comfort, aesthetics, legality and accessibility.

advertising block a1

Note that for 2018 in Kiev was dismantled 16 805 advertising structures. A March in the capital was removed 1604 promotional tools.

In April in the capital reduced the number of banners – 322; sign – on 270; electronic scoreboards – 8; elements of improvement – 1; structures on roofs – 17; brackets – 107; litostroj that stand alone – 7; LIPOSTABIL facades 1; flags 6; television screens on the facades 1; temporary extension of special designs – 108; bollards that are separately 49; holders, 91; shields on the facades by 12; shields that stand apart, on 161.

In addition, to exclude the location of the lift is in a chaotic manner, identifies specific location – point for their installation, a number of prohibited types of advertising tools like banners-banners, holders, pillars and the like. Much attention is paid to the safety of pedestrians and drivers – an advertising structure should not impede pedestrian traffic and block the traffic signs are placed in places of concentration of road accident, the placement of advertising constructions must be used in a radial approach with distances from 40 to 150 meters, depending on their size: the smallest (city lights) from 40 meters to 150 meters between large (billboards).

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