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In the blood of lead singer of The Prodigy found drugs and alcohol

В крови солиста The Prodigy обнаружили наркотики и алкогольFlint really took the codeine with alcohol.

The network 8 may released post-mortem analysis of blood of lead singer of The Prodigy Keith flint. According to experts, in the blood found traces of cocaine, codeine and alcohol.

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Excessive consumption of cocaine, alcohol and codeine, which is considered a potent analgesic, with long-term use could lead to death, reports the BBC. There is speculation that Keith flint first took drugs with drugs, then washed them down with alcohol.

In his conclusion, the examiner also noted that despite the fact that flint really took the codeine with alcohol, “nobody knows what at the time was going on in the mind of the whale.” She suggests that flint could “just fooling around, but at some point his behavior is out of control.”

Therefore, in the publication of the Sun write that no one yet has any confirmation that flint wanted to commit suicide. The musicians themselves and friends of the musician still reeling from the loss and 7 may left on a page The Prodigy Twitter message, which advised anyone who is struggling with depression, addiction or the effects of suicide “not to suffer in silence”.

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