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In the milky way found the star-the stranger

В Млечном пути отыскали звезду-пришельцаStar alien found in 2015.

The staff of the National astronomical Observatory of Japan suggested that one of the stars of the Big dipper originated in another galaxy and came to the milky way after the cosmic cataclysm.

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The researchers found that the stars called J1124+4535 very strange chemical composition. The Orb contains very little magnesium in significant number of europium. According to scientists, for the stars in the milky way this combination of elements is not typical, however, it is quite typical of nearby dwarf galaxies.

On this basis, the Japanese astronomers claim that several billion years ago there was a collision of the milky way with another galaxy. The result of the milky way is completely absorbed it, and the star J1124+4535 remained as the only reminder of the vanished cluster.

It is noted that star-an alien found in 2015. However, only a few years later, astronomers have obtained detailed information about its properties and composition.

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