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In the Rivne region, a woman bitten by a recruiting officer

В Ровенской области женщина укусила сотрудника военкоматаThe incident occurred at about 10:30 on the street of Ivan Franko.

In the urban-type settlement Mlyniv (Rivne region) local resident caused minor injuries the 33-year-old resident of the regional center – the recruiting officer. This was reported in the Rivne regional Directorate of the police. Recently in Zhytomyr woman caused injuries to one of the police officers.

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It is reported that on 30 April, 51-year-old woman was bitten on the finger of the hand of the recruiting officer, who had intended to present the agenda for the passage of military service to her son.

A mother with a 21 year old son was walking down the street, when they stopped near the car. From the salon in civilian clothes, a man came out and shouted at the guy to stop, but the mother told her son to run. The man grabbed the guy hand over the backpack, and the woman at this moment bit his finger.

She later explained to police that felt threatened. However, she did not know that a worker of the territorial centre of manning, summons or any other documents in his hand, he was not.

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The police opened criminal proceedings and appointed is judicial-medical examination. According to its results will be taken a final procedural decision.

The sanction of article provides a penalty to fifty free minima of the income of citizens or public works for the term up to two hundred hours, or corrective works for the term up to one year.

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