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In the US service, forging photo from vacation. Video

В США появился сервис, подделывающий фото из отпуска. ВидеоSo people now forge their own holiday.

“There is no time or not enough money to go on vacation? Not a problem! How about a fake vacation?” reads the enticing offer on the website of a new program to Fake A Vacation created by American developers. With its help you can convince your followers in social networks, which was at Disneyland, on a sandy Hawaiian beach, Niagara falls or Las Vegas.

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The user needs to choose any fake background and upload a few photos where he is alone or with loved ones. The result will send email within 72 hours along with a description of where people allegedly booked for reinsurance (indeed, few if any of friends ask).

Our service use, because sometimes a real vacation is too expensive and the family budget does not allow. Or just to make others jealous. Some used the services of the website due to the fact that the trip was cancelled at the last moment, but admit it is not wanted. Did you know that more than 33 percent of men say they lied about their vacation? So next time you can’t go on vacation, just simulate them

– says the head of marketing, Fake A Vacation That ed.

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There are photographs of fake holiday from 19 (1 200 rubles) to $ 49 (3 100 rubles). The cheapest destination – Las Vegas. For an additional fee, creators can take pictures with customized backgrounds. If you are overwhelmed by the agony of choice, there is a special option – “Surprise”: an experienced master of photoshop “will send” you to the most unexpected place for only 49 dollars and 99 cents.

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