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Mercedes-Benz has released the first crossover on electricity

Mercedes-Benz выпустил первый кроссовер на электрической тяге The first car EQC has already rolled off the Assembly line.

Daimler announced the start of mass production of electric cars, Mercedes-Benz EQC. The first crossover came off the production line in Bremen (Germany) where already collect sedans and station wagons C-Class, a compact crossover GLC and GLC Coupe.

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The first fully electric crossover Mercedes-Benz was presented in early September, 2018 at a special event in Stockholm. The EQC dimensions close to the Mercedes-Benz GLC, but 10 cm longer and 3 cm lower. Dimensions: length – 4 761 mm, width – 1 884 mm, height – 324 mm 1 wheelbase 2 873 mm. the boot capacity is 500 liters or 79 liters more than the GLC.

The structure of the power plant includes two electric motors with a total return of 408 HP (765 Nm) and Li-ion battery with a capacity of 80 kW / h Acceleration from standstill to “hundreds” takes 5.1 seconds. Maximum speed electronically limited at around 180 km/h. cruising on the optimistic NEDC cycle is enough for 450 kilometers. In real conditions the distance will be about 30% less. To fill the battery charge can be up to 80% of the high-voltage station in 40 minutes.

After modernisation of the plant of Daimler in Bremen it became possible to produce on the same Assembly line cars with different transmissions. In the future this will allow to quickly adapt to changing market requirements. In professional jargon the moment of connection of the body with the suspension and transmission is called a “wedding”.

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In the case of EQC experts say about “second marriage”, when a battery pack is installed in the car after the electric motors and the remainder of the drivetrain. This process somewhat resembles the installation of the engine in a conventional car, when the support arms lift the battery up to the floor level of the future SUV, and the workers control the automatic mount bolts.

At the end of the 2019 Assembly Mercedes-Benz EQC will also set up in China by joint venture Beijing Benz Automotive Co. Future employees of the Chinese company, has already started training in Bremen. The production of batteries for all crossovers EQC is carried out on the company’s own plant in the German city of Kamenz. In the future, electric cars line EQ are planning to release other enterprises as Daimler in Germany, USA and France.

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