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Nutritionists have called a simple remedy that will help you lose weight

Диетологи назвали простое средство, которое поможет похудетьAmerican scientists have found a simple life hack for weight loss

American nutritionists have called obscenely simple life hack that will help you to lose weight without pain. It turns out there is a cheap tool that will replace sweet desserts and ensure a smooth reduction of weight. The secret to losing weight fits in your pocket and helps to achieve the effect in five minutes.

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To lose weight is easier than it seems, experts in the field of nutrition. Popular nutritionist from United States Keri Gans called ordinary chewing gum alternative diets. According to him, the chewing gum for several minutes will eliminate the desire to eat too much.

Your life hack Hans explains just chew gum after eating, replacing her sweet dessert. Gum is sweet, but not enough to hurt. In addition, it is extremely small. Weight loss is achieved through several factors. This suppression of the appetite – chewing motion give your brain to understand that the meal is not over. And saturation is achieved fraudulently. Also chewing gum instead of dessert literally replaces the calories, people simply eating less.

The dietitian cited research scientists, saying that chewing gum in itself reduces appetite by stimulating the is responsible for the hunger receptors in the brain.

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To lose weight, the expert gives the following recommendation: use sugar-free gum after every meal. At the same time to chew it should be no more than 5 minutes, and more is required. So here is an easy way to reduce weight, a nutritionist has shared with journalists of CNN.

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