Sunday , June 16 2019

“All Russia is a vast province, and its capital”

Imperial ambitions are an invention of the elite, which tries to justify their dominance over the fate of the country “Rosbalt” back to started in an interview with the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov discussion of why the “Imperial vector of development” Petersburg is again today …

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Bulk was upset that he was released

Odious blogger Alexei Navalny uses his favorite tactic. He is attending unsanctioned rallies, and then it turns out the detainees. Amazing coincidence? Unlikely. Bulk acts on the thumb scenario. His arrest attracted the attention of Western media, which allows the opposition to stay afloat. And yesterday would-be blogger was detained. …

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If haapiti, full

In humans, no different mental abilities, there is the perennial obstacle to self-development, which consists in love to procrastinate some topic from time to time, banishing her in my head, inventing different options, creating yourself while in the brain some already distant picture very different from reality. Then it turns …

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State. enterprises of Belarus pulled to the bottom

The recovery of the Belarusian economy is slowing due to low productivity growth and deteriorating external conditions, according to the latest Economic survey by the world Bank for Belarus. The projected medium-term growth remain low, below 2% due to the combination of structural rigidity of the Belarusian economy and stagnation …

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Will not find it!

The delay in the transformation of social relations can lead to a “revolution” journalists, doctors, teachers, cooks and waiters… After the events related to the detention of Ivan Golunova, it became easier to understand who and how to successfully resist police brutality. The question posed by R. Florida, the famous …

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