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Putin tired of “chewing gum” with the Europeans

Путину надоело “жевать жвачку” с европейцами

Today held talks with leaders of the Russian Federation and Austria. At this meeting Vladimir Putin and Alexander van der Bellen touched upon the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. In the United States are tired to threaten Russia with sanctions and not only for the highway. But dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. Moreover, almost all the countries through which the pipeline agreed to its construction. The exception is Denmark, which has not yet made a final decision. However, there have already stated that they will not interfere with construction.

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Unlike the States, in Austria, on the contrary believe that the “North stream 2” will have a positive impact on energy security of the country. Moreover, in the construction of the pipeline has invested one of the largest Austrian corporations OMV.

Putin also noted that construction of gas pipelines with the Turks was to work much easier and faster than with the Europeans. He compared the process of harmonization of the construction with endless chewing gum.

Everything else, the Russian leader stressed that energy is one of the most important aspects in relations between Moscow and Vienna. Last year, the Russian side raised in Austria, a record number of blue fuel.

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