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The cause a sharp rise in price of bitcoin

Названа причина резкого подорожания биткоина Rapid growth continued during the weekend.

In recent days, after a long fall, started an unexpected growth rate of cryptocurrencies, primarily bitcoin. Today, may 12, for a single bitcoin on the exchanges gave more than 7,400 dollars. So for the last month its rate increased by more than $ 2,300.

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“The main actively growing cryptocurrency and bitcoin rose above $ 6 thousand dollars for the first time since November of 2018, and now has exceeded 7 thousand dollars. The rising cost of bitcoin began amid reports that social network Facebook has partially lifted restrictions on the advertising of digital assets, imposed in January last year”, – said the financial expert of the company Forex Club Denis Povtoreiko.

In addition, according to him, cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which previously hackers stole bitcoins at 41 million dollars, reported that it will indemnify its customers.

“Against these news the exchange rate for bitcoin, during the day, from 9 to 10 may has increased by 4.02% to $ 6296 in the capitalization 111,3 billion. The Ethereum by this time has risen in price on 2,47% – to estimated at 174.1 of the dollar with a market capitalization of 18.5 billion dollars. An additional positive for this cryptocurrency was the message that launched a test network for Ethereum 2.0 is currently preparing a large-scale network upgrade, which will increase its security and throughput. Rose and other major cryptocurrencies. The total capitalization of the stock market before the weekend reached the level 192,3 billion.

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With this rapid growth continued into the weekend. I think that this process will continue in the near future due to a number of positive factors,” concluded Denis Povtoreiko.

By the way, the head of cryptocurrency trading Bank Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz told CNN that bitcoin will beat their own price for a maximum period of 18 months. Recall that the greatest value of the course in the history of Bitcoin has reached the end of 2017, exceeding 20 thousand dollars. He believes that the next frontier for bitcoin is 10 thousand dollars.

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