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The disease, which can signal vision loss

Названы болезни, о которых может сигнализировать ухудшение зренияIt is important to know.

Representatives of the National health service of great Britain said that it is now possible to detect Parkinson’s disease in the early stages.

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Physicians reported that the main symptoms are slowing down perception of the world, the hardening muscle and the involuntary trembling of fingers.Recently, scientists have determined that a harbinger of neurologic disease can be and problems with vision

Experts recommend to pay attention to the difficulties of perception of the environment, the appearance of dry eye and changes colors.

According to doctors, a symptom of the disease is also the “double vision” when focusing on a specific object. In some cases, it may be “connecting” the two images into one. Scientists explain that the reason for this becomes difficulty with eye movement.

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However, experts report that similar symptoms can be associated with diabetes. Doctors strongly recommend not to engage in self-determination of the disease, and to seek help from professionals.

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