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The shamans of the Indians predicted the death of all mankind

Шаманы индейцев предсказали гибель всего человечества The forecast is not promising.

One of the oldest civilizations of North America is the Navajo or Hopi. They still think that the rituals that they have received from their ancestors, and which follow from generation to generation, is their mission of Hope, whose aim is the preservation of mankind on Earth.

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Navajo shamans speak the ancient manuscripts, which, according to legend, derived from the former race of white people who died as well as may die soon and humanity.

In these ancient sources supposedly said that we live on the “fourth Earth”, and the previous three destroyed themselves, because these civilizations have dedicated their lives to the pleasures and the struggle for power. Unfortunately, mankind is no different from them and at the moment sorely brings fourth the Apocalypse of the Earth.

The shamans of the Hopi are doing everything possible to prevent this inglorious end, but so far they have nothing. Apocalypse, they say, approached after the outbreak of the war with Iraq. The leaders of mission of Hope before it made at the special conference, where even first revealed the ancient manuscripts and explained what they warn mankind. But… that didn’t stop the US government, but because the third world war has begun, and it continues on Earth until now, bringing humanity to an inglorious end.

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However, according to the same texts, the human race has a chance to survive, because on the planet a growing number of righteous people. Nuclear war could destroy most people, but this is not the end, there will be a demigod that will lead the rest of the righteous, and they, in the end, establish on Earth a just and happy society.

However, immediately negotiated Navajo shamans, all may end and more sad, so the mission of Hope is directed not only to prevent the Apocalypse, but in the continuity of civilizations. So did all the spiritual people of all three of the lost civilization. And if mankind is destined to sink into oblivion, the knowledge acquired and accumulated by people who do not have the abyss for the next fifth race of earthlings.

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