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The strange prediction of Vanga

Названо самое странное предсказание Ванги The seer claimed that people will grow old in just a few seconds.

Probably about Vanga and her abilities everyone has heard of. During the life of the Bulgarian clairvoyant told a lot of amazing facts that are either already happened, or their implementation is not.

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Millions of people believed in the gift of women, although there were skeptics, who accused Wang of links with the secret services.

Some prophecies were so awesome that to believe them is difficult. So, in the year 2088 will spread disease where people will get old in just a few seconds. Fortunately, scientists will be able to overcome the disease.

Wang has not announced where all disease will come and that will be the cause of its appearance. It is possible that the virus will be artificially created. Then, after leaving the tube, it will take over the world. Today, when established connections between continents, for viruses there are no barriers.

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The experts will likely take years to develop effective drugs. During this time suffer a lot of people.

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