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The Ukrainians told us how to switch to another operator while retaining your mobile number

Украинцам рассказали, как перейти на другого оператора, сохранив мобильный номерWhat you need to know.

C may 1 in Ukraine began to work the transfer service of the mobile operator and the Ukrainians will no longer have to put up with the disadvantages of communication only for the sake of all the known rooms.

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Thus, the Ukrainians are told how it works in the example of a journalist who went all the way switching providers and share the results.

The process of changing rooms is quite simple. You must come with your passport to present to the operator to attach the number to your passport, make a request for change of operator, go to the branch to the desired operator and complete the transfer there. The journalist also bought a new SIM card from that operator, whose services he decided to use in the future.

Initially, the statement pointed out that the whole process will take three days, but in fact it turned out all seven.

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The system specifies the date X, so just wait, continuing to walk with the SIM card of the last caller. On the same day X it will stop working at some point during the day (very uncomfortable, because it is difficult to predict the exact time and prepare, and then sit at home and wait or plan your day with no calls). Also you will receive a message to the number from the previous operator.

When will the problem with the connection or it is lost (this is the result, in any case), you can insert a new SIM card of the company you chose. That’s not all. On the day of transfer there can be problems with communication and signal, it can last about 3 hours. When all stabiliziruemost, you can begin to normal use.

And not to worry and asked her to send out a warning that the change of operator. This aspect is also provided. When you call the contact with the new operator will sound the alert that will notify you of the transition. It is reported for the first and the tenth call to the subscriber. So that the confusion is who changed it and who is not – will not occur. Due to the fact that the feature is fairly new and its use is not very long, it is difficult to speak about the possible disadvantages. Unpleasant it seems, is that the data transfer on day X due to problems with communication. But this aspect of the promise to make more smooth with time.

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