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The UN Tribunal has finished a hearing on the conflict in Azov

Трибунал ООН окончил слушания по конфликту на АзовеThe Russian representatives at the hearing did not come.

The international Maritime Tribunal for the law of the sea on Friday, may 10, concluded hearings on the suit of Ukraine on temporary measures against Russia for release of captured Ukrainian sailors and ships.

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The Chairman of the meeting announced that the decision is expected to be completed may 25.

The hearing lasted two – and-a-half hours from 11:00 to 14:00 Kyiv time with a break of half an hour. The Russian delegation at the meeting was not. However, Deputy foreign Minister Elena zerkal noted that the Tribunal may render a decision without the participation of the Russian Federation. The event was held in the main court room was open.

During the meeting, Elena zerkal announced the capture of Russia Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait and asked about the release of the sailors.

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In turn, the lawyer Jonathan Gimblet rejected Russian accusations that the Ukrainian ships allegedly “secretly intruded into Russian territorial waters. In particular, he noted that earlier Ukrainian court has passed the Strait of Kerch and all passed without incident.

Also the lawyer chick Marnie noted that the exception referred to by the Russia – article 298 (1) (b) UNCLOS is not applicable in this case.

“The nature of the action undertaken by Russia is an “application of national legislation”, in this case criminal. And these actions are the subject of the case because they violate the immunities guaranteed by the Convention,” she said.

She added that Ukrainian military ships were not involved in military activities, they tried to return to its port of registry.

“Only that the ship is military, does not mean that he is involved in military activities. For use of the exception concerning military activities matters not the kind of ship and the nature of its activities”, – said the lawyer.

Professor Jean-Marc Huvinen, in turn, has added that on April 17, Russia has extended the arrest of the sailors, although at that time, Ukraine has used and exhausted all diplomatic means.

“It’s not just a threat to the immunity of warships and their crews. These immunities are actually violated by Russia every day more and more. The urgency of the situation today is the same as the first day. Moreover every day the immune system of Ukraine according to the UNCLOS are violated more and more. Russia ignores all demands to release warships and their crews, which were made of Ukraine and many other countries, ” he said.

The Russian delegation at the meeting was not. However, the mirror added that the Maritime Tribunal may render a decision without participation of the Russian Federation. The event is held in the main hall of the court and is not exhaustive.

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