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These products are not recommended to reheat the second time

Эти продукты не рекомендуют подогревать второй разSome of them heated contraindicated for a number of reasons.

It is difficult to imagine life without heated food. This simple manipulation for many has become the norm. But whether this habit is harmless for our body? It turns out that not all products are suitable for re-heat treatment.


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Eat them immediately after cooking. Mushroom is a protein. During heat treatment it razrushaetsya and emit harmful substances. The result can be problems with the stomach. What to do? If you have mushrooms, it is better to eat them cold.


Eggs and mushrooms are protein. According to the American journal of ophthalmology, as a result of repeated heating toxic protein substance in eggs can hurt the digestive system. This also applies to boiled eggs, fried and scrambled eggs.

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This is a very complex product. Its main element is the starch. During the first heat treatment it is divided into a number of compounds that are safe for health. But if podogrel potatoes again, then the broken connections of starch can increase the risk of developing a rare and unpleasant toxicoinfections disease botulism.


Pay attention to how you store the rice. If not properly stored it is not desirable to heat it again. According to experts in raw rice meet bacteria spores that can cause food poisoning. If the pic are these arguments, at room temperature, they begin to multiply.

In the end, the rice starts to produce poisonous substances, and this can lead to vomiting and other unpleasant effects of eating rice . Not necessary to re-heat the rice, otherwise you’re just adding to the problem.


According to the Ministry of agriculture, protein is contained in chicken meat, it can break down with repeated heating and sat hazardous to your health. This means that it is better to refrain from reheating this product.

Experts say that re-heating chicken meats is one of the main causes of gastritis and other diseases associated with the intestines.


Another vegetable, trapped in our today’s list is beets. Many people think that beet belongs to the unique products in the primary heat does not lose its useful properties, however, heating greatly affects the structure and composition of the beets, which can cause serious health problems, especially with regular use of this product.


Garlic is a popular ingredient of most dishes. Having special flavor and taste, it is added to entrees, snacks, cold treats and side dishes. But besides taste and aroma, this vegetable is prized for its rich composition. And especially for the antioxidant allicin, which has a truly miraculous properties against cancer cells. Heated vegetable just affects the anti-cancer properties of the vegetable. During secondary heat treatment of garlic goes away without a trace substance allicin. Therefore, initially, a very useful garlic is something of a conventional aromatic addition to the dish.

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