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This sharp product reduces feeling of hunger

Этот острый продукт уменьшает чувство голодаLosing weight note.

Those who are trying to lose weight is trying to limit calorie intake can help the red pepper.

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Scientists have found that it helps to reduce hunger.

Experts from Purdue University in USA have come to the conclusion that adding food with chili pepper affects the feeling of hunger, dulling it and thereby contributing to the reduction of consumed calories. This conclusion was made after experiments with the use of Cayenne pepper.

A month and a half pepper is used in food under the supervision of researchers, two groups of overweight people – loving spicy food and no. The herbs used hot red pepper six times more than those who were indifferent to the sharp taste of the food.

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It was established in both groups on the background of the consumption of pepper increased calorie consumption.

“Even those participants who initially did not like the pepper and added it in food quite a bit, have shown a decrease in feelings of hunger. Their appetite against the fat, sweet and salty foods have decreased noticeably,” stated the authors of the project.

They also added that the most effective pepper as a means to reduce appetite and consume calories helps those who usually do not eat spicy food.

Recall that in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract spicy food is contraindicated.

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