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Ukrainians reminded about the Scam of a quick loan

Украинцам напомнили об афере с быстрыми кредитамиHow not to fall into the trap.

In Ukraine is gaining momentum fraud with the so-called fast loans. On the Internet there are dozens of firms which are ready to give loan online, what are scams.

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The crooks to successfully possess the copies of the documents of the Ukrainians, open a Bank card and take out loans under false names, and victims begin to come collectors and require tens of thousands of hryvnias for the credit, which they did not take.

“One day I got a call from the company “Menveo” and said that I have a debt to them in 4 thousand hryvnias. The loan, which I knew nothing, was taken three months before. And he already counted the interest,” said the private businessman Irina kulynych. She has to deal with the tenders, so her passport data are freely available on the website “Prozora” where public procurement.

“I objected and said that the loan did not take. To which I replied that they have my photo with a sign “Take credit “Manyoo”. The money they give online, it is enough to provide a copy of passport, Bank card and so here is a photo”, she added.

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After the refusal of the girl’s creditors began to call her parents and blocked the credit limit on a Bank card.

“Without verifying the identity of the one who takes the credit, “Monivea” transfers data to “credit Bureau”. There is evidence that unscrupulous you by the payer, comes to all banks where you have accounts. The next telephone conversation I was asked to write a statement on fraud and to provide them with my photos, that I certainly did not. After I threatened to call the police, “Monivea” promised to rectify the situation. And two weeks later they sent me a letter that the debt cancelled,” said Kulinich.

According to her, the police reported that no cases thousands.

“Please note that “Manyoo” there is no contract signed by the “debtor.” And in the photo, which they asked to send ostensibly in order to check if it can use photoshop to build the sign. I also recommend after to check if your cancelled debt “credit Bureau,” because “Monivea” not in a hurry to send back new data”, – summarized Tetyana Kulinich.

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